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Cleaning and Disinfection: Electrostatic (fogging) COVID-19 Corona Virus Cleaning
With a recent declaration of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-2019) as pandemic, life has drastically changed. From public distancing and strict hygiene requirements to business and schools’ shutdowns, this epidemic has drastically changed our daily lives. With no effective treatment or vaccine available yet, the only effective action is taking covid-19 prevention and containment measures very seriously while the pandemic lasts.
Currently, there are no alternatives for:
Those who are working daily to provide for their family.
Businesses and schools who will soon re open to welcome thousands of students and staff,
Those who had someone in their surrounding infected with COVID-2019, including Asymptomatic Carriers not showing any risk of infection?
You need a professional  disinfection and sanitization services to help reduce contamination risks and flatten the curve.
The potentially deadly Covid-19 was previously understood to live 2 - 3 days on some surfaces. The new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it lasts up to 17 days. Cleaning and disinfecting rooms has been shown to be highly effective in containing COVID-19,with our 
Below is the categories of customers we serve,  no matter how big the project size is.
1.Residential clients: Home owners, apartment complex, student living etc.
2.Commercial and Industrial: Offices, Restaurants, Retail outlets, Fitness centers and other public facilities.
3.Institutional clients: Schools, training centers and College campuses etc.
A key to a successful virus disinfection is to have a well thought work strategy prior starting the sanitizing process.
We offer wide range of decontamination methods including:
•Deep cleaning and detailed microbial wipe down
•Ultra-low volume (ULV) misting or fogging and steaming for porous surfaces.
While most projects call for a combination of both deep cleaning and disinfection methods, the main approach remains the same. Specialized equipment such as Fogger Disinfection System yields you high end results compared to traditional cleaning and disinfection methods.
•When using Fogger Disinfection System we apply non-toxic EPA approved anti-microbial solution uniformly to ensure every surface is covered.
•The solution has a pleasant fresh scent that will completely disappear within 4 hours.
•Fogging reduces the amount of chemicals used, labor costs and eliminates overuse danger.
•Fogging particles dissolves in the air and no residues are left behind.
•For porous surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, and drapes we recommend deep-cleaning steaming for best results.